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Wednesday, 21 March 2007

setting cdma

HP CDMA for the PC OF ( Personal Computer) or Laptop.

Edition of Nokia

Hard Hardware/Perangkat which required :


2. Cable Data,
i'm not yet try with infrared or blootooth

3. computer/Laptop.

needed Software/Program :

1. Driver Cable.

if u not have, please download in or cd cable.
2. Driver Modem.

If/When not yet had download and correspond to your you type.

Way of Installation :

1. Remember!!!! cable of DKU-5 don't be attached first.

2. Driver DKU-5 Instal.

3. Cable tide of DKU-5 [at] and ponsel of computer / laptop.

4. If you use Windows 2000 / XP, click Next / continous until finish.

5. installation of Modem.

modem>modem>add and panel>phone klik>start>control.

(nokia_cdma_2000_generic....../nmpCDMA2000_1x) modem driver file menyimpan kamu dimana tempat Ke modem>next>havedisk>browse> my detect Don’t (?) list Check

6. Select;Choose Nokia CDMA2000 1X 3G Packet Data of Modem>Next.

7. Select;Choose port besides 1 and 2, depended yg detected [by] [at] manager device.( sometime port 3, 4 or 5).klik Continoue until finish.

8. Then click Connection>Create connection new a panel>Network start>control>

9. To Nokia_Cdma_2000....Atau nmpCDMA2000.....>next modem modem>pilih dial-up a using manually>Connect connection my internet>Setup the Connect.

10. content of[is name of hereunder with.

ISP Name : Nokia CDMA ( any [do] not the problem of)

Phone Number : # 777.

Username : starone { depended operator, follow the example of starone} Password : indosat { starone password, indosat} 11. Saying the word click [at], desktop connection the to shortcut a add, to facilitate for to next koneksi.


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